His Abide

Abide in my Word

            *Reading * Reflecting *Responding
To God’s Word
Writing it all Down
    Deuteronomy 11: 18-21
Deuteronomy 27: 1-8



              Perhaps you are where I was and not where you want to be in your relationship with Jesus Christ. All I know is that I grieved because I was not bearing the fruit of Christ’s works and it frustrated me. I read my Bible, had long sessions in taking notes, listening to many teachings, and reading devotionals and books. I even got up early in the morning to intercede. But still I lacked the courage and discernment needed to serve the Lord as He intended it to be.

Then one morning I heard in my spirit’s ear, “I am removing everything not of me.”
(Psalm 51:7) I thought the Lord was speaking about someone else. But then as I read the Word one day, I realized He was talking about me.
The Lord exposed the pattern of cowardness, hypocrisy and dishonesty regarding representing Him. I was so ashamed, but the exposure turned out to be His mercy and grace, and thus began the purging and scourging process to remove those things opposing me in relationship to Jesus. He exposed the hidden things buried deep within my flesh.  (Hebrews 12:6)

I could recollect the many times I held back witnessing His gospel because I was afraid(cowardness) of saying the wrong thing. Many times I did the opposite of what I knew the scriptures said and spoke of and believed (hypocrisy). And because I did not want to offend, but wanted to please, I would not speak the complete truth, leaving out what I thought might be offensive (dishonesty). These were patterns in my life that were strongholds and had a tremendous grip on me. So, I repented and asked God to help me change. (Romans 7:24-25)

Then again, one morning I woke up to hear in my spirit’s ear, the Lord say, “Can you not spend one hour with me.” (Matthew 26:40). This happened before dawn and so I got up and began reading the Word in a different way, expecting the Lord to speak. As I read, He was opening up the scriptures, and I found myself writing it all down, because it was revelation. It reminded me of the two disciples on the way to Emmaus on the Lord’s Day, suddenly having the company of Jesus as they went on their way.(Luke 24:13-31) They were two discouraged and confused individuals, disillusioned by what had happened in the last few days. The one they had hoped would be the Messiah who would deliver Israel, was crucified and taken away. All their hopes were dashed, yet they did not know what to think of what some women had to say concerning His resurrection. So Jesus showed up after being raised from the dead to appear to them and explain why He had to die but then be resurrected after three days. As they listened, He opened up the scriptures to them concerning Himself. He pointed out throughout scripture the prophets who spoke of Him.   During this time, as they continued their journey, they were prevented from recognizing Him, so when they got to a place to retire, they asked Him to stay. As soon as Jesus broke the bread they would share, they instantly recognized Him before He suddenly disappeared. And so they knew the truth about why He had to die and then be raised from the dead. They were so excited that they ran back to Jerusalem to tell the others the news, and how they saw Him with hearts on fire as He opened up the scriptures to them.

Reference: Whenever Jesus Joins our Conversation

And so as I began listening to what the Holy Spirit had to say, as I read the Word in a new and different way,  the Lord began opening up portions of scripture to my spiritual understanding. ( Deuteronomy 29:29). I was compelled to write it all down. Soon a pattern of writing developed. The pattern was writing a summary of the text, then the revelation and my response with thanksgiving in prayer. As I continued this method, the Word was imparted to me. And thus began the way the Lord was demonstrating how to Abide in Him and how His Word would abide in me.  Just as the two disciples were excited how Jesus showed up to explain the scriptures to them, I also was excited to share this with a few hungry friends.  I no longer looked for ways to do good works, but as the Word became a part of me, I began following what He wanted me to do, naturally, and it became His works not mine.

So, it is my desire to share with you not a methodology or any new thing, but what God had intended for us all along, who believe, that is – how to handle His word with accuracy.  He wants us to come to Him personally, for He has much to say to each believer, individually- in developing an intimate personal relationship with Him so we can bear His fruit.

By writing what the Word reveals, we can remember it and apply it to our life. In essence, this is how we taste, hear and see and handle the Word of God which becomes our testimony. In fact, this is how the Word is learned and as the Word is written down by our own hand it is also written on our hearts and walked out and applied in our daily living.

(Deuteronomy 11:18-21,  Deuteronomy 27: 1-8,  Exodus 31:18)

Learn how to Abide in God’s Word making it a part of your Life to Bear Fruit.
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