Called and Chosen


Matthew 24: 1-51

“And Jesus answered them, See that no one leads you astray, For many will come in  my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ’, and they will lead many astray.”
Matthew 24: 4
CR: Matthew 24:24,26, Matthew 22:14, Ephesians 1:13-14, John 6: 44

Strong’s – 4105- Key Word: Astray Greek- planese – deceive, seduce, wander, error, delusion

S- Jesus had just told the disciples that the temple would one day be destroyed, so in response they asked Him what would be the signs of His coming and the end of the age.
Jesus then gave them a warning to let no one lead them astray for many will come in His name, saying they are the Christ.

R- While the Father is calling a person to salvation, the enemy will do whatever necessary to lead the person away from the truth, but once a person repents, accepts, believes and receives the gospel truth, that person is sealed, and it is impossible to lead that person away from their faith. They know Jesus.
(Ephesians 1:13-14)

I received Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was twelve years old, but as a teenager, I wandered away from following Christ as Lord in my daily living, neglecting fellowship and meditating on the Word.  But, I never forgot Him, nor that glorious experience, when the Father called me to His Son, and His Salvation,  receiving His Holy Spirit when I confessed Him as Lord.  His salvation that I received could never be taken away. And the Holy Spirit was still dwelling within me, though I would fail to heed all His convictions.
(Philippians 1:6)

But then I was reminded of the relationship I had with Him when I was a child, and was seeking it again. When I returned, I was baptized in His Holy Spirit, and devoured His Word every day.

Prior to my return,  as a young mother, I was visited by Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons who tried to persuade me that what they believed was the way. They would mention Jesus and that made me listen to what they had to say.  I was hungry for more of Him, so I listened to their presentations, but one thing stopped me in my tracks, and that’s why I know it’s impossible for one who is born again, in Christ Jesus to be led astray.

Two women in the Mormon faith came every day for a week. And it all sounded so nice, but not much of anything was mentioned about Jesus and His salvation. And they spoke of another book – The Book of Mormon,  which they said was an addition to the Bible -Scriptures. This of course gave me pause. But still, I listened and hoped this would be what I needed to get back into fellowship with Jesus Christ.  But when at the end, on the last day, they explained how we can all be gods, like Jesus, shining as stars in the sky, through works and our own righteousness, I immediately rejected the lie. I realized if you have the Truth living within you, anything other than salvation as the gospel message immediately is rejected, for you know the Truth, and have His Discernment. (John 14:6-8)

The Word says anyone who says that God has not come in the flesh, denying His Deity as the Son of God has the spirit of the Anti-Christ, and are like wandering stars . There is nothing else to be said, for anything other than the “Truth”, can not save, and turns one who is searching for something other than the gospel, further away from the truth. There is a great delusion taking its place.
(1 John 4:2-3, Jude 1:11-13, Hebrews 6:4-9)

Many are called into faith but only a few are chosen to become God’s elect. The chosen become aliens in this world as they enter God’s Kingdom.  That is why before the end of the age there will be a great falling away from faith in Christ because those who have a knowledge of Christ, but don’t know Christ by way of His salvation, sanctification and Word,  will be shaken by the events occurring, causing division between what is genuine and what is false. That is why it is imperative in this Hour to Abide in Christ.
(Matthew 22:14, 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-4, John 15:18, John 15:1-17)

Reference: His Abide

But Be encouraged, nourished, strengthened on the Word of God, abiding in His Word, persevering in faith, And by that, you glorify Him, bearing His eternal Fruit.
(John 15: 1-17)
Sharing the Fruit of my Trials

P- Lord, thank you that you keep all those who abide in you and your Word in faith, while strengthening and encouraging them as they abide in your grace.

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