God’s Angels and His Gospel

SummaryReflection – Prayer
God’s Word
While Walking it Out

Context: Luke 1: 1-38
Focus: Luke 1: 26-33

Mary was astonished at the words of the angel Gabriel announcing she would conceive and give birth to Jesus, God’s Son, so she became afraid, and I suppose anyone witnessing a spiritual being as magnificent and powerful as an angel would also be alarmed.  In fact, there are instances cited in the Word of God of the appearance of God’s angels, in their true form, where the person who witnesses one, falls down in a deep faint as dead, unless they appear in a human form.
(Matthew 28: 2-5, Genesis 19: 1-22)

So why is it at Christmas the representations of angels have a female or fairy-like appearance? The two angels cited in the Bible are Gabriel and Michael. One a messenger of news that changes the world and the other a heavenly warrior who wars against satan’s army by leading a heavenly host.

Similarly, I remember a whole sermon taught on the donkey Mary rode to Bethlehem. So inspirational was its message, I looked up the passages for myself, only to discover, no donkey is mentioned.  She might have ridden a donkey, but it’s assumed; not the Word of God.

Angels’ are God’s heavenly servants who are His messengers, warriors, ministering spirits and lead worship at GOD’s throne.  They also minister to those who are saved to strengthen and intervene  according to God’s plan for their life. But, not much is written concerning them, but much is written about the Son of God whom they serve.

Angels are never to be worshipped or take the place of God’s Holy Son, Jesus Christ.
And those who tried to worship them were told only to worship God.
(Revelations 22:8-9)

So how important is it to know God’s Word?  It is imperative in order to know the Truth and live a godly life.
( Hosea 4:6)

Paul did not speak with eloquent words or tried to polish the gospel with magic tricks or clever words. Once I wrote a clever message about the cross, to get across the gospel in a unique way – The Cross is a Positive Sign.  It was not the gospel and made void the Word of God. So, I repented and took it down.
(1 Corinthians 2: 1-5)

I’ve witnessed magic tricks displayed to present the gospel to children, and then I thought, I did not come to Christ by flashy demonstrations nor by a play on words.  I came to believe only by the power of God’s Word.
(Romans 10: 8-10, Romans 1:16)

Dear Heavenly Father, forgive us for being ignorant or accepting anything but Your Word.  Let us understand what is true, so in our worship and celebrations we represent only You.

Read God’s Word for Yourself
Your Salvation Depends Upon it.

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