False Prophets and Fruit

His Abide

Matthew 7: 15-20

Jesus tells us to be aware of false prophets who come to us in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. And we can recognize them by what they produce, whether it is good or bad. If what is produced from their words or actions does not produce the fruit of righteousness, then it eventually manifest bad results, which will not last, which will be destroyed.
CR – John 15: 1-17

Reflection: There are many proclaiming to be prophets of Jesus Christ, but when you look closer at their motivation what is revealed is a self-promoting doctrine which produces a lucrative lifestyle for themselves, while leading others astray. The prophet or teacher of Christ will be humble and compassionate towards those whom the Lord has brought into His flock. The true teacher or prophet’s ambition is to lead others into a more intimate relationship with Christ, and not a dependence upon themselves. Their fleshy character or divine character defines them, for the fruit of the spirit is patient, kind, good, and builds others up with the encouragement of God’s Word, while admonishing with His Truth – His Love. (Galatians 5: 22-25)

Application: I once fell into the trap of following after what appeared to be powerful and exciting, and I also began imitating it, building a ministry that promoted  more of me and less of God. In His mercy and grace He disciplined me, removed me and then cleansed and delivered me and I will continue to proclaim His faithfulness to all who might be also led astray.
If you have been led astray  following a false teaching or involved in a church that seeks control rather than leading you into a closer relationship with the Lord, who sets you free,  then, leave.

Meditate on the Word, yourself, for the Lord promises to feed His sheep and His sheep hear His voice in the Secret Place,  where they abide in His Word, and Pray.
This is His Abiding Place today. (John 15:1-4)

Prayer: Dear Lord, let us draw near with a pure heart to hear your voice so all other voices fade away. Separate the lies from the truth. Open our hearts to receive all of you, and to surrender all of ourselves to you in this hour, in this day. In Jesus Name, Amen


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