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“I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you…..”  Ephesians 1:18

Don’t Worry, Be at Peace, God is in Control.

Philippians 4: 4-6

Proverbs 3:5-6

Isaiah 40:31, 64:4



 There are times when I begin to doubt the faithfulness of God especially when things are not happening within my timeframe. I also surmise, searching inwardly for perhaps the cause of delay. But when I remember to let it go and trust God, I repent of placing so much responsibility on myself to see it through, and then that’s when the peace that passes all understanding is revealed.[i]

I recently had a trial that flustered my faith, but when I went to the Lord for wisdom, He gave it liberally.[ii] Afterwards I was encouraged, even though there was no definite news concerning the final outcome.  At any rate, I began thanking God, believing that he was allowing the delay for my good[iii].  So, as I mentioned, I asked for wisdom.  God gave it to me one evening while I was at rest.  Again, I was reminded that I was getting too close to the situation, and to back-away to see God’s Perspective on the matter.

When we get too close to a problem, we can’t see the forest for the trees or rather the whole picture becomes blurred.  It’s like when you get older your eyes tend to have difficulty focusing on the small print that is near, but when you put some distance between the situation/page, and yourself, your  eyes begin to focus and you can distinguish the fine print or what is really happening.  Another way of looking at it is how we tend to coddle a situation like a colicky baby .We have a tendency to hold things too close to our heart guided by our emotions.  It’s like holding a baby that is crying and not knowing what to do.  Holding the baby close does not remedy the situation when the baby is ill.  What we need to do is to hand the baby over to the physician for treatment.  The physician can then treat the condition and return the baby whole and well.  We have to learn to walk away from it long enough for the Great Physician to do His work in His way and in His time.[iv]

Analytical people like me have a difficult time with relinquishment.  We believe it is our responsibility to analyze a situation and come up with an adequate solution.[v]  We begin to read into the problem things that are not there.  The whole circumstance becomes overwhelming as it continues to grow out of proportion increasing in magnitude and distortion.   That is why Jesus tells us instead, to give Him the burden and ask for His wisdom. Remember, He looks at the whole and completed picture.  He is willing to give us His peace to sustain our faith while He accomplishes His purpose, working everything for our ultimate good while listening to our earnest prayers.[vi]

Several decades ago, I was in a fiery trial that caused me great anxiety, fear and doubt.  So great was my introspection that it began to produce a great deception convincing me that I had lost my salvation. The onslaught of doubts snowballed into an enormous obstacle that was impossible to surmount.   It was only when I came to the place where I was able to confess trust in God, that the mountain was removed.[vii]  I heard in my mind’s ear a voice quietly suggesting; “Don’t give these fears the time of day, Just walk away.”

So the moment my attention was diverted from my dilemma, the Lord had the opportunity to show me the truth.[viii] And I heard myself saying,

“I’ll just have to wait on the Lord”; hardly a victorious shout, but just a whisper of faith that was enough for God to deliver me from my circumstance.[ix]

The Lord was then able to give me His wisdom and perspective to see my circumstance from His viewpoint. It was enough to encourage me to trust again and follow, which ultimately led to victory.  In that moment I knew of His unconditional love which was to sustain me in future trials that lay ahead.[x]

When you analyze a situation from your own perspective instead of seeking God’s, it is like adding things to the pot of discontent.  The situation grows worse while you steadily add the ingredients of fear, doubt, mistrust and ultimately condemnation.[xi] Once these negatives get into the mix, the trial and situation become bitter, and only the Lord can sift and filter out the debris. What was once just a cup of soup becomes a boiling stew that never gets done. Whenever we accept these negative thoughts, we accept the wrong recipe, and only Jesus can get us back to following his remedy and solution. He is faithful to do it. Instead of the trial producing good fruit it becomes inedible and is wasted.  The wisdom that God gives is first of all peaceable resulting in good that benefits not only the believer but everyone who partakes during the trial and from the outcome.[xii]

When you go to the Lord with a matter, stay close to Him in prayer, reading His Word, sit at his feet and wait for His peace and wisdom.  In that intimacy where you are still, rested and quiet, He will take you by the hand, walk you to a higher plane (Heaven’s perspective) rather than ground level (world’s perspective) and there by His side you will begin to see through His eyes and not your own .[xiii]

In the story of Mary and Martha we recognize that it was Mary who had knowledge of the Wisdom and chose to listen to the Master,  while Martha scurried and hurried trying to serve and fix things without entering  His rest. [xiv]

The perfect picture of a rested life was demonstrated by Jesus himself.  When his disciples were in a boat a storm came that threatened to turn everything upside down. Jesus was asleep through the whole ordeal, until fear drove the disciples to wake Him up. He immediately rebuked them for their unbelief and then rebuked the wind and calmed everything down.[xv]  He delivered them from the peril but it was in His time. He wanted to show His disciples that He is Lord over every circumstance and though He is ready to deliver us when we call upon Him, we need to wait for Him to do it.[xvi]

I remember reading about the beautiful, giant Redwoods in California and how they produce and grow. I was amazed to learn that the Sequoia trees need fire in order to survive.  Anytime there was an accumulation of debris surrounding the tree it would prevent the sowing of its seed.  The accumulation of growth surrounding the tree prevents the seed from reaching the fertile soil, therefore, whenever there is a small fire, it destroys the debris, giving opportunity for new growth.[xvii]  When a fire comes into the wood there are well-meaning folks who want to put it out, but in doing so, they assist the accumulation of debris that prevents the seed from reaching the fertile soil.  God allows these small fiery trials to come to remove anything prohibiting our spiritual growth. If well – meaning friends and relatives keep putting out the fires before they accomplish their purpose, then the believer in the trial loses the benefit and their growth is stunted.  The Lord will remove whatever gets in the way of faith, so as to transform us and make us productive servants for Christ.[xviii]  God’s ultimate goal in a believer’s life is first for us to know Him and be conformed to His Christ-like image.[xix]  That is why we can count it all joy because we know God is doing an amazing thing for us which always works for our good and for His wonderful purpose.[xx]

Knowing that His plan is always good should give us the confidence to know He is in complete control.[xxi] There are those who want to control the situation themselves or allow others to do it. Give the Lord the reign in every situation and wait upon His good graces. The Lord is teaching you to overcome your circumstance by surrendering your Trust to Him.[xxii]

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.”  Psalm 32:8

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