An Unnatural Affection

Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People

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A Dangerous and Unnatural Affection

“For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.”  Romans 1:25

*See Latest Updates at the End of this article:  A  three month mixed, puppy pitbull chews off the fingers of an infant and allowed to be quarantine then placed in a rescue shelter. After a 6 year old boy is killed by the family Pit Bull the dog is put in quarantine instead of immediately being euthanized. WHY?

 “There is nothing wrong with owning a pet and wanting to protect animals from abuse. God gave mankind animals to enjoy. But when the preservation of animals supersedes the preservation and well-being of human beings and especially children, then it can be said that it is not only dangerous but has developed into an unhealthy, unnatural affection replacing the natural affection and protection for mankind.” DF

Scripture Contexts:  Genesis 1: 26-28, Genesis 2: 18-20

 “The man gave names to all the cattle, and to the birds of the sky, and to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:20

In the Genesis account, God gave men and women dominion over the earth and over every living creature. Unfortunately, the opposite is becoming reality as we steadily give control of our dominance to the creature rather than mankind.[i]

The relationship with mankind (men and women) and animals has developed into an unnatural affection reaching epidemic proportions. I believe one of the reasons this has occurred is due to the personification of the beast.  The personification of animals has resulted in an unhealthy relationship. The bombardment of Disney theme movies, such as Bambi and similar animal theme movies has contributed to this illusion.

Evolutionists, as well, have contributed to this notion by placing humanity on the same level as animals with few distinctions. Animals are treated more like friends, replacing many times the natural affection towards a child or close relative. Wildlife hunters are many times demonized while PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) promulgate to protect animals from mankind. PETA has gone so far as to try to ban fishing.

Environmentalists in their pursuit to protect all wildlife even at the expense of human welfare will go to foolish extremes to protect a species thought to be endangered. One example of this is when in December of 2008 through the Interior Department and the Endangered Species Act, “150 billion gallons of water was diverted from California’s fertile Central Valley to the San Joaquin Delta in an effort to protect the three inch endangered Delta smelt”. The result was devastating. The once fertile region of the Central Valley literally dried up with the loss of agriculture output amounting to 1 to 3 billion dollars and unemployment ranging from 20 to 40 percent in those communities. The thought that generations of farmers and families, businesses and consumers would be seriously hurt in the attempt to save a “fish” was not an issue.

There are many examples how the Environmental Protection Agency has prevented homes from being built and oil from being drilled to avoid the disturbance of a natural habitat. The EPA has caused loss of jobs, housing, and created many restrictions on human beings while their obsession to protect animal habitats goes virtually unchecked. It is the human habitat that is now in need of protection from the EPA.

While the Golden and Bald Eagles and their eggs are ardently protected with penalties of imprisonment and a hefty fine[iii], unborn babies can be aborted for any reason in some states and through the last trimester of pregnancy
(Partial Birth Abortion).

Because of the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973, making abortion a legal right, the unborn child receives little or no protection under the U.S. federal and state laws, while presently it is against the law to disturb the Eagle’s egg or nest. Legal abortions have escalated to now include “Live Birth Abortions” (induced labor) up to full term without the right of the viable baby to receive any medical assistance.

An Unnatural Affection is Evil

In 2009 a pet chimpanzee attacked and seriously injured a woman.  It happened when the woman came to the house of a friend who requested her assistance in locating her Chimp who had escaped. When the woman’s friend tried to lure the Chimp back into her friend’s house, she was brutally attacked by the Chimp, her face and hands disfigured. Prior to this attack the chimp was treated more like a member of the family than a pet. The owner had developed an unnatural affection.

“Herold, who adopted Travis with her late husband when the chimp was an infant, reportedly treated him as a family member rather than as the potentially dangerous animal he later proved to be. Reports surfaced that Travis had essentially lived as a human — taking his own bath, dressing himself, brushing his own teeth and eating at the family’s table, even drinking wine from a glass.”

There are numerous reports of vicious dog attacks on children who were left unprotected in their own homes. Pit-bulls and other animals are treated as members of the family, while innocent children who live in close proximity are left vulnerable. Many times owners choose this breed of dog for protection. To train a dog or choose an aggressive breed in order to protect you is paramount to having a loaded gun lying around in your home or yard. The outcome is the same. Someone could be terribly injured or killed. We are hearing of more cases where toddlers have been viciously attacked and even killed by a pet dog within their own home or in a neighbor’s backyard.  I am always amazed at the amount of empathy towards the dog over the possibility of being euthanized, and the lack of sympathy towards the loss of an innocent human life. Animal lovers and activists are known to defend such animals from being euthanized, rather than expressing outrage at the senseless and unnecessary suffering of another human being.  I remember there was a time in our country when you had the right to destroy a vicious animal, immediately. No questions asked. Now because of foolish laws enacted through the Humane Society for Animals, these animals are protected through a legal process and rescue shelters.

Bumper Sticker: I Support No Kill Rescues

I recently read a report concerning a two year old child who was killed by the family’s dog from a fatal bite to the throat.  The dog attacked the  little boy as he walked passed him. In response to this report, animal advocates unanimously stated that this could not have happened unless the dog was provoked.  In other words, the dog is not responsible for the attack because of provocation. Here is a quote from an animal lover blogger in response to this terrible tragedy:  

“The AP Wire story, which unfortunately is what most newspapers ran, says the dog attacked the boy “without any apparent provocation”.  But that’s really not how dogs work — they almost never “just snap” and or bite for no reason.”

 Animal advocates will always say it is a matter of educating the child on how to act around dogs.  Even though the child is naïve and innocent, many will always defend the dog and say the animal was provoked. So what if the animal is provoked. Does that give the dog a pass to attack and kill an innocent child?

            In May of 2012 a Santé Fe man living with his son was brutally mauled to death by the family Pit Bull.  The dog was affectionately raised by his son since it was just a few weeks old. One evening the son came home from work and found his father dead on the front porch. The dog had viciously mauled him to death. When he was informed by the police that his dog would have to be put-down, his sympathy for his father was replaced by sympathy for the dog as stated in this quote:

“Wright says he went to say goodbye to Achilles at the shelter Tuesday, adding that the dog jumped up, tail wagging. Although he wanted to fight to get the dog back, he is now fighting to move on with his life. If he had not surrendered the dog to be euthanized, he could have faced citations for having a violent animal.”IMG_0322A Bumper Sticker I recently observed along with ” I love my Pit Bull.”

 At the same time a 16 month old toddler was killed by her grand-parent’s pit bull while playing in the yard.  The grand-mother tried to protect the child but was unsuccessful and was also attacked.  According to a local spokesperson, the director of Animal Services responded with the following statement:

The director (name with-held) of Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley said: ‘Young children need to be supervised when they’re around pets. ‘It does not mean the dog is vicious, or a bad dog; there is no such thing as a bad dog, but you have to be responsible with your children.

Two women were recently attacked by a Pit Bull named Sasha while walking in their own neighborhood in Ft. Myers, Florida. One was walking while the other witnessed the attack and called 911. The woman walking had to be hospitalized with injuries to her stomach and thigh.  What was the dog’s owner response concerning the attack?

 “Although the viscous attack targeted the two victims, the owner of the dog claims that the victims are overreacting and that the pit bull, Sasha, is innocent and isn’t the attacking type.”

 So how does Animal Services in Lee County of Florida handle vicious dog attacks as mentioned? There are presently no laws that permit Animal Services to take the dog into custody after an attack.

“Even with the way the ordinance is written, Sasha wouldn’t be considered a dangerous dog. An attack has to be life-threatening to land a pup with a “dangerous” title.”

The owner of Sasha was cited previously for letting the dog run unsupervised and for its threatening and menacing behavior. In the meantime, neighbors are nervous and worried concerning their safety. Many walkers and runners will tell you that they have to be on the alert to dogs on the prowl in their own neighborhoods.

Pit bulls and Rottweilers and some other breeds are notorious for attacks, yet there are few states which have legislation banning them.  Even with proper training and handling, their attacks can be unpredictable. In the meantime, there are people and especially children today suffering due to animal advocates who protest targeting any specific breed. It is well- documented that certain dogs are bred to be attack dogs, while proponents keep defending them by saying it is not the breed of the dog that causes the attack, but the owner’s improper handling. As indicated in a 2012 report of fatal injuries from dog attacks, Pitbulls and Rottweilers accounted for 73% of these attacks (

Wildlife is also over protected many times, even when certain species threaten humans living in their own home or neighborhood.  Just recently I witnessed on the local news that residents residing in a neighborhood have to put on helmets whenever they go outside their homes. It seems that the hawks that occupy the nearby trees don’t like humans invading their territory.  Even children have to defend themselves as the birds dive down from their nests. On the news you could see some residents ducking and covering their heads and their faces avoiding the attacks.   The news commentator wearing a cute blue helmet stated that the residents would only have to endure this for two more weeks.

In Bradenton Florida in 2006 a woman was given a warning citation by a wildlife officer for shooting an alligator that came inside her lanai. It attacked her dog. He gave her a citation for shooting the alligator because she failed to have a hunting license. During that time, alligators were blamed for three fatal attacks in the span of a week in other parts of Florida.  It was the alligator who invaded her environment, she did not invade his.  The alligator survived the shooting and the officer promptly returned it to the nearby lake.

I’ve personally witnessed animal lovers allowing exotic birds to nest in their kitchens and fly throughout the house while visitors try to ward off their attacks.  There are countless reports of animal hoarders of cats and other small animals who allow them to completely domesticate and take over their own environment.  There are also some animal lovers who have gone as far as rescuing stray dogs, cats, and wild animals such as raccoons converting their homes into kennels.

Many animal lovers are becoming obsessed with the constant feeding of raccoons, birds, manatees, and wildcats that stray from nearby water and wooded environments into human habitations .  Many of these animals become dependent on this type of feeding and become dangerous as they start to invade nearby homes and waters in search of more food.  Yet the feeders have the illusion that the animal’s survival is their responsibility, no matter the cost.

Some find it popular today to own an exotic or wild animal, treating them as pets.  But there is a steady increase of incidences whereby the owner is attacked or even killed by trying to domesticate these animals.

 A woman named “Sandra L. Piovesan bled to death after being mauled by a pack of nine wolf dogs that she had raised as pets. She was so devoted to them that she once told a neighbor they “give me unqualified love.”

I believe the fad to own exotic and wild animals may be due to how these animals are portrayed in the media.  Steve Irwin, an animal conservationist and entertainer (The Crocodile Hunter) gave the impression that one could come in close proximity with a wild animal and be safe. He demonstrated this in 2004 by dangling his infant son at the same time while feeding a crocodile.   There was a public outrage over this event, and he soon apologized, though suggested the child was not in any danger.   Steve Irwin, in 2006, met with an untimely death as he succumbed to a fatal stingray attack during the filming of an underwater episode.  Yet his following statement demonstrates how strong he felt concerning the preservation of wild and exotic animals.

 “I have no fear of losing my life – if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it.” Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin’s obsession with wild animals developed into an unnatural affection costing him his life.

In conclusion, it can be said that the absurdity of protecting the environment and animals at the detriment of mankind is based on a humanistic society devoid of the Truth as proclaimed in the Word of God.

Let us stand together and pray that we can return to God through His Son, Jesus Christ for the sake of the innocent and those who are ignorant of  His Gospel Message.
( 2 Chronicles 7:14, John 3:16)

Footnotes and References

Who Rules Who?

[i] Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth,b and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created man in his own image,in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Genesis 1: 26-28

 T-Shirt Sign
“I can’t have kids my dog is allergic”


Woman dies after Rescue Attempt: A recent local news report: Paramedics answered a call for help from a woman experiencing severe complications from diabetes  They tried desperately to get into the house where she was trapped with 3 Pitbulls threatening the rescuers. Subsequently the delay resulted in them not rescuing her in time and she died.

Woman Breastfeeds Her Cat: -12/03/21
Woman discovered breastfeeding her cat on an airplane.
According to various news organizations and this recent New York Post, the woman was asked to put her cat back in its cage after she was found breastfeeding it.
“The unidentified female flew from Syracuse, NY, to Atlanta, GA, where she was caught breastfeeding her feline on the plane. A flight attendant told her repeatedly to stop and put her cat back in its cage, however, the woman refused.”New York Post 12/02/2021

See What’s Behind the Pit Bull Craze

Pitbull Chews off Infants Fingers
*6/21/23  – It was just reported an infant left in her bassinette while her mother showered was attack by a three month old pitbull in Port Charlotte in February 2023. The dog chewed off 5 fingers. Instead of the dog being put-down, it was quarantined and then given to the Animal Welfare League for adoption.  This animal shelter boasts of a “No Kill” policy.  The mother was arrested on June 16th for child neglect.   There is presently no Florida law requiring a dog be destroyed after such a horrific incident.  Please pray for this mother and especially her baby.  Also, please pray Florida legislation changes this law lobbied by animal enthusiasts and rescue shelters having a “No Kill” policy.

6 Year old boy killed by family Pit Bull: 7/4/23 – A 6 Year old boy was killed in Nort Port Florida by a family pet Pit Bull on July 4th but instead of the dog being euthanized immediately, it is being held for 10 days.  Question:  Why is it being held for 10 days?

Florida Statute:“If a dog is classified as a dangerous dog due to an incident that causes severe injury to a human being, based upon the nature and circumstances of the injury and the likelihood of a future threat to the public safety, health, and welfare, the dog may be destroyed in an expeditious and humane manner.”


Florida Statutes

6 year old boy is killed by family Pit Bull


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  6. Mike says:

    Thank you for the role you have chosen as an “Encourager” of the faith. I appreciate you sharing some of the truths imparted of the topic of this blog. What lead me here is my search for more information on what causes this unnatural attraction for animals (specifically, dogs), from a worldly, psychological point of view. Spiritually, we know this unnatural attraction (overly protectiveness above humans) is the result of one trying to fill the consequential void from God being absent or misplaced in their lives. Not to say that all dog or animal lovers have replaced God with their animals, for one can very much love God and their animals, too. It’s the act of misprioritizing that love that is the problem. But, back to my search, can you or anyone else reading this blog, lead me to more sources of information that speak to the root psychological causes for this imbalance? Your feed back will be greatly appreciated.

    • Mike, I will pray concerning how to address your comment. I will get back with you soon. There are a number of variables that create this situation. Ultimately, however, it is a spiritual matter, whereby, one seeks acceptance, unconditional love, and a need to be needed without the fear of rejection. The media plays heavily into this, as well by portraying animals as helpless beings needing our intervention and affection. I will followup on your inquiry as requested. Also, anything you may want to contribute is also welcome. Thanks for your comment, It encourages me to continue my research and writing as the Lord leads. Mary

  7. Lesley says:

    It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly
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  8. lee77 says:

    The United States and Western Europe has gone stark-raving dog crazy. People spend billions on their pet dogs, but wouldn’t donate a single dollar to help pay the medical costs for a child attacked by a dog, mangled, badly scarred and facing hundreds of thousands in medical and plastic surgery costs. Recently in Cincinnati after a 6-year-old girl was attacked by two pit bulls, dog owners showed no concern whatsoever for the injured child whose face had to be reattached and who lost both her tongue and one eye in the attack. Instead, pit bull owners held a “rally” promoting pit bulls and although there were “dozens” of pit bull owners reportedly attending this rally, when someone took up a collection to help defray the costs of the child’s medical bills, the pit bull-owners — including out-of-state pit bull advocates — donated a measly $500. However, pit bull owners and other dog freaks donated thousands to “save Mickey,” a pit bull in Arizona that attacked and badly injured a child. In fact, any time an injured, abused, neglected or abandoned dog is advertised on Facebook or some other internet site, dog freaks reach for their credit cards and donate thousands to pay for surgery and other costs involved in saving and caring for the dog.

    Many people posting on websites admit if they were driving along the street and a child and dog were in the street, they would rather hit the child than the dog. These people have seriously misplaced priorities. Some of them even have the audacity to say “dog” is “God” spelled backwards, as if this proves something, forgetting, apparently, that God did not create dogs — dogs are unnatural creatures created by man from wolves. If these people want to know what God thinks of dogs, they should read Rev. 22:15.

    Additionally, since people began anthropomorphizing dogs, allowing them to live inside the house (something that didn’t happen in the US until around the 1980s) and treating them like “members of the family,” there has been an increase in cases of people engaging in unnatural acts with dogs. The practice is becoming so widespread that on teenage websites such as Yahoo! Answers and “Is It Normal?,” teens are constantly admitting to, and asking questions about, engaging in unnatural acts with dogs. What’s more, if someone dares admonish these teens who ask such questions, Yahoo bans the person who admonishes them! Of course, this isn’t surprising because not a day passes that Yahoo doesn’t bombard readers with numerous “dog” articles on its homepage.

  9. C. Stevens says:

    Thank you so much for posting this article! I have come to the same conclusions after observing our society especially during the last 10 years. While I enjoy animals and believe we should be good stewards over all of nature, the unnatural affection with animals/pets is a phenomenon that has risen to unbelievable proportions. I really believe there is a evil spirit involved. If I talk like this to anyone else, they look at me like I’m crazy!

  10. Thanks a lot, There are ended up trying to find specifics about this subject forever as well as you have the top Over the internet to date.

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