Birth and the Environment

Revealing the Hidden Truth about Childbirth


Doula Faith

Liz and newborn William 1

Liz and newborn William 1 (Photo credit: reverbca)

Women share their birth stories, and eventually someone will tell the truth.  They will reveal the hidden “truth” that a healthy woman of faith is capable of giving birth on her own and she does it very well.

One of the most crucial factors enabling a woman to give birth naturally is her choice of environment.  What coincides with this is her ability to relax and trust her body in the process.  This is a time when she will need to withdraw within herself and be guided by her maternal instincts.  As she co-labors with her baby they become one in synchronizing rhythm.  The birth hormones secrete and guide both the mother and baby to naturally move into optimal positions for birth.  If left alone, the birthing mother will instinctively be compelled to move her body into a natural rhythm in the process. In tuned with her body and in charge she is strengthened with maternal confidence peaking in euphoria at birth.  So she seeks out her birthing environment wisely and carefully.

The “least restrictive environment” makes a natural birth possible.  The environment needs to be conducive in allowing the birthing woman full latitude in participation in her birth.  In this environment of choice, she is not a by-stander, rather the director of the whole orchestration. She is respected and given the amount of privacy necessary in developing the intimacy between herself and her child.

More women today are becoming adamant about seeking a natural, maternal-managed birth.  If not given the choice they may choose one unassisted in their own home rather than to succumb to the regiments of the hostile hospital environment.   Usually, these are women who have suffered degradation and unnecessary pain in previous birth(s) and have neither options of choosing a midwife and/or birthing center.

The practice of obstetrics and the hospital has its purpose.  Women who are not healthy in their pregnancy may need a physician.  But the broad sweep of practicing obstetrics in otherwise healthy pregnancies and births has become both psychologically and physically damaging to the health and well-being of many women, babies and their families.

Birth Centers: Alternatives to Hospital Birth

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